Left brain ... right brain.

My whole life has been constant struggle between my analytical side versus my artistic side.

In my former life (before retirement) I worked all week for a newspaper, using my mathematical (keeping the budget and paying the departmental bills) and organizational side (keeping track of 42 employees). But at night, I would design jewelry. I loved working for the newspaper. But I also love making jewelry ... always have. Left brain, right brain.

As a child, I would make jewelry out of color coated copper wire, make pressed flowers into framed works of art, sculpt, draw and, of course, make all of my Barbie clothes. (Now I make them for my grand-daughter's Barbie!)

Throughout my school years ... earning my English Literature degree and then taking up library sciences in grad school ... there always seemed to be time for my art, no matter the amount of left brain studying.

Left brain, right brain. I need both sides to exist.